Wednesday, 5 November 2014

It's just hair there's nothing more to it

On my recent visit to the bank, this random lady asked me: "Do you go church often, are you a believer?" at first I was puzzled, wondering why she's asking me this, can this woman be more random? but I answered: not allot but I do. She then quoted the Bible: "and isn't long hair a woman's pride and joy? for it has been given to her as a covering." 1Corinthians 11-15.
This woman was referring to my short hair, basically asking me why I choose to cut my hair. I didn't tell her its because its hella affordable and I really am rocking it, I was still gobsmacked by the the way the Bible influences some people.
In this day and age some people still see hair as "a covering" which to me just means that they hide behind their hair, to them hair is not something to have fun with but the true definition of beauty and this so called glory. Is a woman's beauty not in the way she carries herself, her attitude, her personality and ultimately her humility? to mention just a few. Something as minute as hair should not be the way a woman's true beauty is defined.

After that visit to the barber in August. been cutting it since
When I decided to cut my hair I told Yonela about it, he asked me: "are you sure?" his concern was how I'll look after. I  quickly brushed off his lack of confidence in me, he also thought I need hair to look good, but I told him I've done it before he shouldn't worry. As unsure as he was he took me to his barber who gave a nice hair cut after asking me why I'm doing this. seriously though why is cutting ones hair associated with a "rebirth"? No I didn't  cut my hair after going through something I just cut it because to me hair is just that, hair there's nothing more to it, it will grow back again and I will weave up again.
Women across the globe have written and sung about how they are not their hair but it does not get old. As long as women still think that their hair is their pride, joy and covering we have a long way to go.

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