Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I am ok with being me

I recall a time in my life when I despised my cheeks, I hated  my chubby cheeks that others described as cute. I was 10 years while others called me "piglet" some chose to go with "Sis'Wey'Qhomo" which directly translated means- Sister with the cheeks. Oh the cruelty of the children.

In primary school I was teased so much that I let it get to me. I genuinely believed something was wrong with my face. I just wanted a skinny looking face with defined cheekbones, that which the people around me defined to be beautiful. I had come to believe that without the cheeks I would finally feel and be beautiful.

while that was the situation at school at home I had to deal with being fat. we grew up a group of six(my cousins and I), I was and still am the heavier one of the six. My grandfather loved to spoil us, and so he bought us swings, because he can. After enjoying the swings for a while they broke(as expected). Yet an uncle who was visiting told me that I am the reason the swings broke because I am fat. Those words came from an adult, hard to believe huh?

Being born an overweight baby made my being bigger than the rest ok, and so I grew up to be a fairly confident young woman. The experiences though, taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin. With these events I learnt how to embrace my flaws, accept my flaws and work with what I have.

The weird thing with growing up, is the sudden realisation of how unique this supposed flaw makes you look. this thing that everyone else thought was just wrong is the one thing that makes you look beautiful. the sooner you accept yourself as you are, embrace these flaws and be yourself you will see the beauty in you and be ok with being you.

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