Friday, 31 October 2014

Daddy issues can't be your only excuse

I watched Khanyi Mbau explain why she married her business mogul husband Mandla Mthembu one night on SABC 2's Motswako. I couldn't figure out whether it was courage or her attention-seeking ways that made her decide to do the show. Perhaps because of the hype she had roused up in social media, in a country of highly opinionated individuals she felt she owed us all an explanation.
her explanation- her father was absent all her life and so she wanted that fatherly love (kind of gross) she referred to a monster inside of her that needed to be fed. Mandla fed this monster with gifts and that sexy Lamborghini she drove. Khanyi Mbau married a man old enough to be her father because she had daddy issues.
Growing up I was mostly surrounded by strong women, women with direction who knew what they wanted. The only father figure I had was my grandfather who was everyone's father at home. To my cousins and I he was our father, we paid little to no attention to the issue of our biological fathers. If daddy issues was the perfect reason to get yourself a sugar daddy, my grandfather would then have a son-in-law his age kind of problem.
Khanyi Mbau wasn't the first young woman to marry a man who's much much older, its been done before but no one has been so outspoken about her reasons for doing it, and expecting others. When choosing to date or marry an older man, your daddy issues can't be the only reason why you're with him. Talk to us about types and how you're attracted to his maturity and mind. NOT YOUR DADDY ISSUES.

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